Shruti and Benjamin - Edmonton, July 26th and 27th

My first Fijian wedding! Shruti and Benjamin had a beautiful traditional, two day wedding in Edmonton at the Vishnu Mandir Temple.

Friday was a day of ceremonies and preparation of the bride. People were hard at work downstairs preparing food where everything looked and smelt amazing. One of the cooks told myself and the photographer that Fijian food has different flavours to Indian food, so it was a treat to experience!

Saturday was the wedding day. Shruti looked absolutely spectacular and I was so excited at the opportunity to film the traditions of another culture.

My second shooter John was with Benjamin and his groomsmen across town, so we could capture both the bride and the groom during their preparations.

Before the bride enters the temple, the groom has a lengthy welcome ceremony.

After the marriage ceremony we spent the rest of the evening eating great food and taking videos of the family while the had their photos taken.

It was an incredible weekend, congratulations Shruti and Ben!