Rebranding in the New Year!

Exciting things are coming! In January 2021 I am going be rebranding!

Ever since I first started my business, I have known that one day I wanted to find the perfect name. I am someone who sees meaning in everything, and therefore it was important to choose a name that I completely connect with. This is not as easy as it sounds!

Panemorfi is a word I have had in my mind for the past few years, and is the word I always come back to. It comes from the Greek language and simply means 'beautiful'. Before attending college, I took a year off school to study Ancient Greek at home. I have a love of ancient cultures and a massive love of Greek mythology. The Greeks were such famous storytellers, and the fact that I am a storyteller at heart made a Greek word the perfect fit.

I chose the word beautiful, because I believe there is beauty in everything. My favourite thing as a filmmaker is capturing the beauty all around us, and sharing it with the world.

I am so excited to operate under this new name, which really captures the essence of my brand ❤

Wedding division:

Commercial division:

Massive thanks to London based graphic designer Jason Miller the logos.