Chad and Celeen - St. Joseph's Basilica Wedding

When I first met Chad and Celeen, I couldn't help but fall in love with them. They are so incredibly sweet and sincere.

At the time of our first meeting, the only location they had confirmed for their wedding was the ceremony - St. Joseph's Basilica.

I am always filled with a sense of awe when I enter this majestic building. I was SO excited to learn this would be where they were getting married. It's a challenging place to film simply due to its scale. I want to do justice to the magnitude of the building, but also to the details in the architecture and stain glass. It's such an inspiring place to be!

My day did not start at the Basilica, however. It started at the JW Marriott Hotel in downtown Edmonton, which is an incredibly elegant and impressive hotel.

Celeen and Chad had separate rooms on the fourteenth floor with some of the best views of Edmonton I've ever seen. There was an air of excitement and nervousness, but the joy felt by both of them was palpable. They are the most perfect fit in every way.

We were also gifted a beautiful sunny day, above zero! It was a cool 8 or 9 degrees, with a light wind.

The couple each wrote a letter to one another which they read before leaving the hotel, and I can't wait to tell their story in film! Let's just say there were tears...

The ceremony was one of the longest I have ever recorded, around 1 and a half hours. It was a privilege to have creative freedom in such a magnificent space for this length of time. Again, I am so excited to create this film for them!

The rest of the day was full of fun and laughter. We lost light fairly quickly during the photo session, with it being this time of year. Luckily we were able to get plenty of variety with multiple locations, my favourite being the Royal Alberta Museum and the Muttart.

Their wedding reception was held at The Grand Imperial, which is as impressive as it sounds. I would especially recommend their catering - the food was insanely delicious!

The highlight of the evening, however, had to be Chad's choreographed dance with his groomsmen for Celeen! So much fun.

This young couple have already had seven years together, and the future holds so many more for them. The best is yet to come!